Class 5 wood burning boiler

Class 5 wood burning boiler


EN303-5 classe 5 wood burnng boiler
Total gasification combustion
20 and 32 kW
Heating only or Heating and DHW with independant tank
Installed with an accumulator tank
Easy twinning with an oil boiler or a solar powered system

With more than 60.000 homes are heated with wood burning boilers since 1974, PERGE is a real reference point in the French wood burning boilers market.

PERGE GTH are total gasification combustion boilers. They achieved EN303-5 class 5 requirements with an efficiency of more than 90%. The installation of one or more accumulator tanks, with an electronic controller, provides them en unequalled level of perfromances in terms of efficiency, autonomy and comfort.


GTH : unequalled performances

Energy saving and environmental protection

GTH PERGE boilers are factory fitted with an oxygen sensor (lambda sensor) which adjusts continuously flow and distribution of primary and secondary air. The combustion efficiendy is thus optimized.

The well controlled combustion also guarantees very reduced emissions and contributes to protect our environment.

With an accumulator tank for more autonomy

An accumulator tank allows to benefit of the best efficiency of the boiler. The tank accumulates the overheat and restore it on demand. When heating demand is low, the accumulator tank provides maximum benefits, allowing significant autonomy for a day or more.

The large volume of the loading room allows temperature rise to 90° of a 1000 liter tank in a single load of wood with a 20 kW boiler.

GTH : more comfort

An electronic controller for more comfort

The controller displays the status of the boiler (stop, combustion, modulation, door open,.... ).

The climatic controller can regulate up to 2 heating circuits and the domestic hot water, solar panels and / or an auxiliary boiler.

Easy loading

With its wide loading door (515 mm x 265 mm), the GTH PERGE boiler has broad access to the loading room. The large combustion chamber may receive 50 cm logs

Why choose wood ?

An energy that is contributing in the fight against global warming

Wood combustion does not contribute to CO2 emissions as it is a balanced process with CO2 absorption during wood growth.

An energy that is contributing to our independance

Forest covers a large area in our countries making wood the first renewable energy resource as an alternative to fossil fuels.

An underused energy resource

Only about 60% of the biological growth of the forest is used by the different players of the forestry and wood sector. The remaining 40% represents a tremendous reserves of energy.

An energy that is creating jobs

By definition, the production of wood energy is a proximity production. It greatly helps local jobs.

Manufacturer requirements

  • Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.
  • A flue draught of 15 Pa is required when running at rated output.
    Additional flue pull shall require a draught stabiliser to be fitted to prevent over-firing.
  • Any pressurised system must have a sufficiently sized expansion vessel and a suitable PRV. In addition the integral anti-boiling quench coil must be connected to a suitable mechanisal safety valve.
  • Accumulator tank with a suitable capacity and recycling kit are compulsory.

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