Wood-Pellets twinning

Wood-Pellets twinning

Silvatherm Compact pellets boiler + MC wood burning boiler

2 fuels : Pellets + logs

Class 5 pellets boiler
20 and 26 kW
Pellet storage : 250 kg of pellets capacity mini-silo, DIY silo or textile silo

Natural draught wood burning boiler
20 and 30 kW

Frequently installed without an accumulator tank

Flue connection in 1 or 2 chimneys


Use the cheapest fuel

There are 2 fuels at your disposal throughout the year. You can choose the cheapest.

A safe solution

No more pellets in the silo ? No more wood left ? Not a problem ! You can use the fuel available at the moment.

A practical solution

The wood burning boiler is always prioritary. The pellet boiler takes over automatically and ensures you a complete autonomy in case of absence.

Thanks to the twinning kit, the wood burning boiler and the pellet boiler can be connected into the same chimney.

Example of a PERGE Silvatherm Compact pellet boiler twinned with a PERGE MC wood burning boiler. Storage with Mini-Silo. Heating with a radiator loop :

Couplage Silvatherm-MC


An optimized solution

The twinning of two PERGE boilers, a MC wood burning boiler and a Silvatherm Compact pellet boiler, allows to get the full benefits of PERGE hydraulic original design particularly well suited for energy combinations.

Why twin wood and pellets ?

2 fuels, 1 energy

Pellets and logs are two separate fuels, but actually they are the representation of one and the same energy : wood. This energy has many advantages.

An energy that is contributing in the fight against global warming

Wood combustion does not contribute to CO2 emissions as it is a balanced process with CO2 absorption during wood growth.

An energy that is contributing to our independance

Forest covers a large area in our countries making wood the first renewable energy resource as an alternative to fossil fuels.

An underused energy resource

Only about 60% of the biological growth of the forest is used by the different players of the forestry and wood sector. The remaining 40% represents a tremendous reserves of energy.

An energy that is creating jobs

By definition, the production of wood energy is a proximity production. It greatly helps local jobs.


Manufacturer requirements

  • Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.
  • A flue draught of between is required when running at rated output :
    - for the pellet boiler : 5 Pa maximum
    - for the wood burning boiler : 13 to 18 Pa
  • Additional flue pull shall require a draught stabiliser to be fitted to prevent over-firing.
  • Any pressurised system must have a sufficiently sized expansion vessel and a suitable PRV. In addition the integral anti-boiling quench coil must be connected to a suitable mechanisal safety valve.

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