BIO-F30 16-40 Universal biofuel burner

Universal biofuel burner

Brûleur biofioul universel BIO-F30 16-40

Burner can run on heating oil or biofuel containing up to 100% renewable energy. Power adjustable from 16 to 40 kW.

With the PERGE BIO-F30 burner, transform your oil boiler into a biofioul boiler and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Can be fitted to all oil boilers on the market.

What is biofioul F30 ?

Biofioul F30 is a new kind of energy. It is a biofuel composed of 70% domestic heating oil to which is added 30% renewable energy, in the form of rapeseed methyl ester (RME). As a renewable energy source, RME enables very significant reductions in CO2 emissions, below the 300 g/kWh threshold that will be the maximum authorized from July 1, 2022 (see box "New regulatory framework for CO2 emissions").

Why add rapeseed to heating oil ?

Rapeseed was chosen to create a heating bioliquid because of its many advantages as a plant and its ester derivative as a biofuel. Rapeseed is a melliferous plant, responsible for 40% of the honey produced in France*, and available in sufficient quantities without competing with human food. As a biofuel, RME offers :
- Under-utilized production capacity;
- Good cold resistance;
- Greenhouse gas reduction potential of 50-70% compared with domestic heating oil.
* : source : French Federation of Oilseed and Protein Crops Producers (Fop)

Why choose oil ?

Oil is easy to store and available everywhere. Moreover, it is a very powerful fuel (10 kWh per liter)

Oil has greatly changed in order to reduce its environmental impact. The oil condensing boiler technology allows to reduce energy consumption significantly (Up to 30% compared to a traditional boiler). Its level of sulphur has been divided by 6 in the last 40 years.

Oil boilers may be twinned with renewable fuels such as biomass or solar powered system.

Manufacturer requirements

  • Flue connections must comply with DTU 24.1.
  • Flue pipe maintenance must comply with the decree of 22/10/1969 and the standard departmental health regulations.

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