Eco-Design 2015/2018 low temperature oil boiler

Eco-Design 2015/2018 low temperature oil boiler


Eco-Design low temperature oil boiler
24 and 32 kW
Heating only or Heating and DHW
Optitherm without Duotherm :
Easy twinning with a wood firing boiler, a heat pump or a solar powered system
Optitherm with Duotherm  :
Ideal for under floor heating and radiators installation

 Optitherm 32 with controller : class A seasonnal space heating efficiency

 Etiquette ErP Classe AFitted with its outside and room temperatures controller, the Optitherm 32 R oil boiler reaches a class A seasonnal space heating efficiency, at the same level as a condensing oil boiler.

As a result of their very low NOx emissions, Optitherm oil boilers are Eco-Design 2018 certified.

Worthvalue and easy to install

Thanks to their original hydraulic design, PERGE Optitherm oil boilers do not need any mixing valves in any case of installations.

Twinning of energies ? Under floor heating and radiators ?
Optitherm : the simple and easy answer.

Couplage MC OptiPERGE Optitherm : PERGE Optitherm may easily supply 2 heating circuits directly from the boiler without electronic nor additionnal hydraulic accessories.
Thanks to its 2 heating circuits mixing chamber, PERGE Optitherm  is the ideal solution for twinning with :
- a wood firing boiler,
- a heat pump,
- a solar powered system.


Adjacent picture : Twinning of a PERGE optitherm oil boiler and a PERGE MC wood firing boiler


DuothermPERGE Optitherm with Duotherm : PERGE Optitherm with Duotherm may easily supply 2 heating circuits with different temperatures directly from the boiler without any additionnal hydraulic accessories (i.e. an under floor heating loop and a radiators heating loop). The hydraulic installation is thus simplified.

Simple and reliable

StopthermThe dew point is avoided thanks to the Stoptherm device, without any mixing valve. Equipped with the outside temperature controller, PERGE Optitherm oil boiler will achieve significant results in reduction of energy consumption.
DHW is assured by a 316L stainless steel tank available in 2 capacities : 90 or 150 liters



  Garantie 10 ansBoiler body warranty : 10 years. the warranty of the boiler body against all risk of corrosion or leaks will be extended from 3 to 10 years, under the following conditions :
- Return the special 10 years Warranty Bill for registration ;
- Have a yearly maintenance of the boiler by a professionnal from the first year and all along the warranty period.



Manufacturer requirements

  • Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.

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