OptiPac MR32 Air/Water heat pump

OptiPac MR32 Air/Water heat pump

Optipac MR32

Optipac MR32 Air/Water heat pumps
Ideal for coupling to an existing boiler

Up to 184% Seasonal Energy Efficiency (Seer)
Output of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 kW
3 kW or 3×3 kW electric backup
Heating only or Heating and domestic hot water production
Ideal for underfloor heating


An environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency solution
Optipac MR32 Perge: simple, robust heat pumps that reduce your energy bills


An environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency solution 

With Optipac MR32, combine energy savings, a smaller carbon footprint and safety without sacrificing comfort.




The Optipac MR32 PERGE heat pump provides 

a simple, energy-efficient solution

to all your heating needs.



Year-round, even at slightly sub-zero temperatures, the heat pump delivers energy with unrivalled competitiveness. Under these conditions, its Coefficient of Performance (COP) is very favorable. 

Moreover, by combining the heat pump with your boiler, you can use relatively low-power heat pumps (4, 8, 10, 12 or 16 kW) that easily meet your heating needs during this period, and that don't entail any major changes to your electricity bill.

On cold days, your boiler delivers more economical energy. Its power allows you to meet your heating needs at the best possible price, without sacrificing comfort.

In between, the appliances complement each other to satisfy your comfort needs at the lowest cost.

Combining the two energies allows you to retain the advantages of each.


Optipac MR32 Perge: simple, robust heat pumps that reduce your energy bills

Designed for durability and easy maintenance

OptiPac MR32 heat pumps can be installed in the following 3 configurations :

OptiPac MR32 without indoor module : Most economical solution / Possible on condition that the flow rate in the system is always greater than 600 liters per hour.

OptiPac MR32 with indoor heating module : Decoupling solution allowing operation regardless of system flow rate / Easy to install thanks to the indoor module delivered assembled and wired for one heating circuit / Possibility of external domestic hot water production

OptiPac MR32 with indoor heating module + integrated DHW : Decoupling solution allowing operation regardless of system flow rate / Easy to install thanks to the indoor module delivered assembled and wired for one heating circuit / DHW production via stainless steel storage tank integrated into the module.


Quiet, high-quality technology



Our heat pumps are designed for acoustic comfort. Opt for a PERGE heat pump that will satisfy both your acoustic and thermal needs.




Easy installation and the possibility of supplying two circuits with different temperatures directly from the OptiPac MR32 PERGE

DuothermPERGE OptiPac MR32 heat pumps can easily supply 2 heating circuits at different temperatures (e.g. underfloor heating + radiator circuit) directly from the indoor hybrid module. This simplifies hydraulic installation and reduces installation times.


Hybrid indoor module including :

- 50-litre buffer volume.
- Boiler body

- F30 biofioul-compatible burner or gas burner
- Control and command panel

- RC7 controller, locally controllable via Bluetooth or Internet, or remotely via Internet
- Reinforced insulation casing

If domestic hot water production :

  • 150-liter stainless steel tank
  • DHW charge pump


R32 monobloc outdoor unit including :

  • Twin-Rotary inverter compressor
  • Anti-liquid-shock bottle
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Inverter fan
  • Condenser
  • Inverter circulator
  • Anti-frost heating cable in condensate tray

Price examples

OptiPac MR32 4 Mono C-R Price

OptiPac MR32 4 Mono C-R

Air/water heat pump with indoor heating module

185% seasonal energy efficiency (SEER)
4 kW output
Heating only

Outdoor unit including

R32 internal refrigerant circuit with Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary inverter compressor, liquid cut-off cylinder, electronic expansion valve, Panasonic inverter fan motor, R32 air exchanger with protection against weather and salt attack, R32 water plate exchanger. Hydraulic circuit with inverter circulator, 5-litre expansion vessel, safety valve, 1 "M flow and return pipes. Electric backup heater (3 kW mono version, 3x3 kW tri version). Easily accessible junction box, DHW sensor, anti-frost heating cord in condensate drip tray.

Indoor module including

Touch-screen controller with 20-meter cable for connection to outdoor unit (modification/viewing of outdoor unit operating parameters, display of error codes). 80-liter primary water volume, 14-liter expansion vessel. Circulator circuit n°1. Pre-wired terminal block (power supply, 2nd circulator, room thermostat, underfloor heating safety device).

Price excluding taxes

4.979,00 € HT

Why choose an alone heat pump ?

In a renovated or new home, with high levels of insulation and low levels of heat loss, heating requirements are lower and periods of extreme cold have less impact on energy needs.

A heat pump alone can easily meet the home's needs.


Economical consumption 

Thanks to its Coefficient of Performance (COP), a heat pump meets heating needs with energy that's less expensive than oil or gas.

It's more environmentally friendly 
The heat pump consumes no carbon and therefore reduces our carbon footprint.

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