Wood-Pellets twinning

Wood-Pellets twinning

Silvatherm Compact pellets boiler + MC wood burning boiler

2 energies: Pellets + Wood

Pellet boiler with 7 stars Green Flame
Power 12, 17, 23, 33 and 45 kW
Pellet storage: 250 kg mini-silo, building silo or large capacity textile silo

Natural draft wood boiler
Output 20 and 30 kW

Installation possible without buffer tank

Flue gas connection in 1 or 2 flues

For the pellet boiler :

  • EN 303-5 classe 5

A French boiler


French flagThe PERGE OptiPellet and PERGE MC wood pellet boilers are manufactured in our factory in Portes-Les-Valence (26), where our research centre is also located. It is here that we develop the products of tomorrow, efficient and environmentally friendly, economical and easy to install and use.

The cheapest energy warranty

With 2 energies available throughout the year, you can choose the most economical energy of the moment.

A safe solution

No more pellets in the silo? No more firewood? The other energy can take over.

A practical solution

The wood boiler always takes priority. The pellet boiler automatically takes over and ensures autonomous operation in case of absence. They can be connected in the same duct or in two separate ducts.

Example of the installation of a PERGE OptiPellet boiler with a PERGE MC wood boiler. Storage by Mini-silo. Radiator heating:



SC + MC Radaiteurs Pas d'ECSAn optimised solution

The combination of two PERGE boilers, a Silvatherm Compact pellet boiler and a MC wood boiler, allows you to benefit from all the advantages of the original hydraulic design of the PERGE boilers, which is particularly well suited to all types of energy combinations.

Manufacturer requirements

  • Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.
  • A flue draught of between is required when running at rated output :
    - for the pellet boiler : 5 Pa maximum
    - for the wood burning boiler : 13 to 18 Pa
  • Additional flue pull shall require a draught stabiliser to be fitted to prevent over-firing.
  • Any pressurised system must have a sufficiently sized expansion vessel and a suitable PRV. In addition the integral anti-boiling quench coil must be connected to a suitable mechanisal safety valve.

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