F30 medium-power biofuel boilers

F30 medium-power biofuel boilers

Optitherm Duo

Biofuel F30 compatible
Outputs from 48 to 256kW
Heating only
Heating + hot water production by separate storage tank

  • Etas > 86 %


Optitherm Duo: for substantial energy savings
Biofuel F30 compatible
What is biofuel
Optitherm Duo: simple installation and operation
Optitherm Duo: cascade installation
Perge: Low-temperature oil-fired boiler technology
Models and accessories

Optitherm Duo : for substantial energy savings

Optitherm Duo is a set of 2 biofuel boilers stacked on top of each other in a single 60 cm-wide casing.

The boilers are available in 24 and 32 kW outputs.
Optitherm Duo boilers are therefore available in total outputs of 48, 56 and 64 kW.
Installing an Optitherm Duo boiler enables you to match the power supplied as closely as possible to your current heating requirements, for :
- significant fuel savings;
- extend equipment life;
- benefit from the safety of two boilers.

Compatible biofioul F30

PERGE has always invested in innovative technologies, particularly in clean combustion techniques.

This pragmatic approach is based on a process of continuous progress, however minor, to improve everyday life for everyone. That's why PERGE Optitherm low-temperature oil-fired boilers are compatible with F30 biofuel.

They can continue to operate with any heating oil you may have in your tank. Then, if you decide to switch to biofuel F30, they can run on the new biofuel without changing your burner.


What is biofioul F30 ?

Biofioul F30 is a new kind of energy. It is a biofuel composed of 70% domestic heating oil to which is added 30% renewable energy, in the form of rapeseed methyl ester (RME).

As a renewable energy source, RME can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, below the 300 g/kWh threshold that will be the maximum permitted from July 1, 2022.

Optitherm Duo : simple installation and operation

Like all PERGE biofuel boilers, the Optitherm Duo features the Stoptherm system, which enables operation without return temperature limitation and without the need for a mixing valve. Direct connection of heating circuits to the boiler greatly simplifies installation.

Optitherm Duo can be fitted with the RTE3 burner-based climate control system for total modulation of the power delivered to the water. Heating and DHW inputs can be used to retrieve this information from an existing control system.

Optitherm Duo : cascade installation

For even greater flexibility, an Optitherm Duo cascade can be installed with up to 4 cascade stages. One stage can control an Optitherm Duo or a burner within an Optitherm Duo.

Application example :
- 4 Optitherm Duo boilers, each with an output of 64 kW, with 64 kW switching per cascade stage for a total output of 256 kW.
- 2 Optitherm Duo boilers, each rated at 64 kW, with 32 kW control per cascade stage, for a total output of 128 kW.

Perge : Low-temperature oil-fired boiler technology

Robust and simple

StopthermThe Stoptherm device prevents dew point without the need for a mixing valve. This means the boiler operates at the temperature required, without the need for additional hydraulic accessories. Thanks to the factory-fitted Class 7 control, you'll get top performance in terms of reduced consumption.
Models with DHW production are equipped with a 90 or 150-liter 316L stainless steel anti-legionella storage tank.

  Garantie 10 ansExchanger body warranty : 10 years. The warranty on the heat exchanger body is extended from 3 to 10 years if you take out an annual maintenance contract with a professional, from the time the boiler is commissioned and without interruption for 10 years.


Models and accessories

Equipment available on all models :

- Heater body without mixing valve, allowing operation without return temperature limitation and without risk of dew point.
- Control and command panel
- Low NOx biofioul burner
- Reinforced insulation casing

Domestic hot water:
C : Heating only

Chimney version only :

Designation Total output (kW) DHW RTE3 Etas
Optitherm 24+24 C-F30 48kW External Optional 86,3
Optitherm 24+32 C-F30 56kW External Optional 86,9
Optitherm 32+32 C-F30 64kW External Optional 86,2


Price examples

Optitherm Duo 24+24 C-F30 Price

Optitherm Duo 24+24 C-F30

Set of 2 low-temperature biofuel boilers
ErP 2015 (efficiency) and 2018 (low Nox) certified
Total output 48 kW
2 pre-set, factory-installed biofioul burners
Direct connection to boiler without additional accessories
Cascade connection for up to 4 boilers

Price excluding tax

6.490,00 € HT

Why choose oil ?

Oil is easy to store and available everywhere. Moreover, it is a very powerful fuel (10 kWh per liter)

Oil has greatly changed in order to reduce its environmental impact. The oil condensing boiler technology allows to reduce energy consumption significantly (Up to 30% compared to a traditional boiler). Its level of sulphur has been divided by 6 in the last 40 years.

Oil boilers may be twinned with renewable fuels such as biomass or solar powered system.

Manufacturer requirements

  • Flue connections must comply with DTU 24.1.
  • Flue pipe maintenance must comply with the decree of 22/10/1969 and the standard departmental health regulations.

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