Log burning boiler without accumulator tank

Log burning boiler without accumulator tank

MC Classique

Natural draught log burning boiler
From 20 to 40 kW
Requires no electricity
Heating only or Heating and DHW with independant tank
Frequently installed without an accumulator tank
Easy twinning with an oil boiler

Table of Contents

Repairability and durability
A simple and economical boiler
A robust and recognised boiler

Repairabiity and durability

With an installed base of more than 60,000 appliances and in line with our reparability policy, we are committed to providing our customers with spare parts to ensure the maintenance and long-lasting functioning of the MC Classique series boilers.

Spare parts, from the smallest to the complete heating body, are available for any model installed since 1984 to the present day.

This ensures that you can continue to use your PERGE MC Classique boiler for all the qualities you value in it:


A simple and economical boiler


With the PERGE MC Classique boilers, you choose a simple and economical installation:

No need for a buffer tank;
The anti-boiling quench coil is fitted in the factory;
In addition, the installation can be done without electricity in the case of a thermosiphon connection. The PERGE MC Classique boiler operates without electricity.

Easy to install: no accumulator tank required
The original hydraulic design of the PERGE MC Classique wood boilers does not require an accumulator tank. This gives the PERGE MC Classique boilers an incomparable price/performance ratio.

Simple to use without electricity
PERGE MC Classic boilers do not require electricity for use. The boiler temperature is regulated and the overheating protection is ensured by thermostatic elements which function under all circumstances.
The anti-boiling quench coil is fitted in the factory.
PERGE MC Classique boilers also have thermosiphon connections to ensure the independent production of domestic hot water.
Finally, if the heating system is designed with a thermosiphon connection, PERGE MC Classique boilers can be safely used without electricity.
The PERGE MC Classique boiler works without electricity.

A deep, easy-to-load firebox
The 56 cm deep refractory ceramic firebox can accommodate 50 cm logs. The 30 cm x 30 cm loading door allows for easy loading.

A robust and renowned boiler

With more than 60,000 households heated with log boilers since 1974, PERGE is a real reference on the French log boiler market. The MC Classique model, available since 1984, still gives the same satisfaction to its users. Moreover, the reparability policy that we have been pursuing for many years allows our users to replace parts identically and reduce costs.

A refractory ceramic firebox to avoid dew point and corrosion

In a conventional cast iron or steel boiler, the firebox walls hardly exceed the temperature of the water (70° to 80°). The firebox of the M.C. log boilers consists of a tubular heat exchanger embedded in a shell of reinforced refractory material, forming the firebox. The inner walls rise to temperatures of over 500°, thus ensuring complete and clean combustion, without tar, even for damp logs.
Due to their design, M.C. log-fired boilers do not suffer from the phenomenon of dew point and therefore from corrosion. Therefore, the installation of an accumulator tank or a 4-way mixing valve is not necessary. A 3-way valve can be installed in the case of domestic hot water production or to manually regulate the temperature of the heating circuit.

Intérieur chaudière bois MC Classique 




Manufacturer requirements

• Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.

• A flue draught of between 13 and 18 Pa is required when running at rated output.

• Additional flue pull shall require a draught stabiliser to be fitted to prevent over-firing.ype

• Any pressurised system must have a sufficiently sized expansion vessel and a suitable PRV. In addition the integral anti-boiling quench coil must be connected to a suitable mechanisal safety valve.

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