Wood burning boiler without an accumulator tank

Wood burning boiler without an accumulator tank

MC Classique

Natural draught wood burning boiler
From 20 to 40 kW
Requires no electricity
Heating only or Heating and DHW with independant tank
Frequently installed without an accumulator tank
Easy twinning with an oil boiler

MC Classique : simple and competitive

With PERGE MC Classique, you are making the choice of a simple and reliable boiler :

  • An easy and economic installation without an accumulator tank. ;
  • The anti-boiling quench coil is factory fitted.

Easy to install : no accumulator tank required

The original hydraulic design of the PERGE MC Classique wood burning boilers makes the installation without an accumulator tank possible. It provides a significant competitive advantage to the PERGE MC Classique boilers.

Simple to use without electricity

PERGE MC Classique wood burning boilers do not need electricity for running. The boiler temperature controller and the over-heat safety valve are thermostatic devices which work in any circumstances. The anti-boiling quench coil is factory fitted.

They include also thermosiphon connections to produce domestic hot water in complete independence.

If the heating installation is designed as a thermosiphon system, they allow an autonomous operation without electricity in total safety.

A large combustion chamber with easy loading

The refractory cement combustion chamber with a depth of 56 cm allows 50 cm logs. A 30 cm x 30 cm door makes the loading easier.

MC Classique : reliable and recognized

With more than 60.000 homes are heated with wood burning boilers since 1974, PERGE is a real reference point in the French wood burning boilers market. The MC Classique model available since 1984 is always satisfying completly its users.

A refractory ceramic combustion chamber to avoid dew point and corrosion

Intérieur chaudière bois MC ClassiqueIn a traditionnal boiler, the walls of the combustion chamber barely exceed the temperature of the water inside (70°C to 80°C), whereas the PERGE MC design utilises a number of tubes cast into a high temperature refractory ceramic combustion chamber.
This design allows the inside surface of the combustion chamber to reach temperature of above 500°C, ensuring complete and efficient combustion and eliminates tar, even for wet wood.
The PERGE patented combustion chamber design protects the boiler pipes from condensation and corrosive flue by-products and prevent corrosion, with the additionnal benefit that even low temperature water from the return is not an issue.
An accumulator tank is not required. A 3 gate valve may be added in order to control the temperature of the heating circuit.




Manufacturer requirements

• Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.

• A flue draught of between 13 and 18 Pa is required when running at rated output.

• Additional flue pull shall require a draught stabiliser to be fitted to prevent over-firing.ype

• Any pressurised system must have a sufficiently sized expansion vessel and a suitable PRV. In addition the integral anti-boiling quench coil must be connected to a suitable mechanisal safety valve.

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