Oil condensing boiler

Oil condensing boiler


Oil-fired condensing boiler
Very High Energy Performance
Bio-oil compatible F30
Power 24 and 32 kW
Heating only or Heating and hot water production integrated
Flue gas connection by suction cup
Ideal for underfloor heating or underfloor heating and radiators

  • Etas > 91 %

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Bio-fuel F30 compatible 
Optimal energy for better comfort
Perge : Oil condensing boiler technology
Models and accessories


Bio-fuel F30 compatible

PERGE has always invested in innovative technologies, especially in clean combustion techniques.

This pragmatic approach is based on a process of permanent progress, even if it is minor, to improve the daily life of all. This is why PERGE OptiCondens oil condensing boilers are compatible with Bio-fuel F30.


Optimum energy for greater comfort

Very high energy performance
PERGE OptiCondens condensing boilers are very high energy performance boilers and easily meet the requirements of the European Eco-design Directive both in terms of efficiency and low pollutant emissions:
- Etas efficiency higher than 91% ;
- NOx emissions below 120 mg/Nm3.

The efficiency of PERGE OptiCondens condensing boilers is up to 104.6%.

Economical and easy to install


Simply, PERGE OptiCondens oil-fired boilers can supply 2 heating circuits with different temperatures (e.g. underfloor heating + radiator circuit) directly from the boiler and without additional hydraulic accessories.
This simplifies the hydraulic installation and reduces installation times.

More comfort
The PERGE RTE outdoor temperature control is integrated as standard in the OptiCondens models, for more comfort at lower cost. The OptiCondens boiler operates at the exact temperature you need.

The models with domestic hot water production are equipped with a stainless steel tank with priority heating of its upper part. This means that the water is quickly available at the point of use, even in the event of large withdrawals: 200 litres of hot water at 40° in 10 minutes with the 90-litre tank, 270 litres of hot water at 40° in 10 minutes with the 150-litre tank (cold water at 10°, domestic hot water storage at 65°).


Perge: Oil condensing boiler technology

Robust and simple


Thanks to the Stoptherm device, the dew point is avoided without the installation of a mixing valve. The optional RTE3 outdoor temperature control for OptiCondens oil condensing boilers guarantees automatic operation at a temperature adjusted to your needs.

The 904L stainless steel tube bundle condenser is made of high quality material and provides top performance.

The models with DHW production are equipped with a 90 or 150 litre 316L stainless steel anti-legionella tank.



Garantie 10 ansWarranty on the exchanger body: 10 years.  The warranty on the exchanger body is extended from 3 to 10 years if an annual maintenance contract is signed with a professional, from the time the boiler is commissioned and without interruption for 10 years.





Models and accessories

Equipment present on all models:

- Boiler body allowing, without mixing valve, an operation without temperature limitation of the returns, without risk of dew point inside the boiler body.
- Oil burner with flue gas recirculation for improved combustion hygiene.
- 904L stainless steel tube bundle condenser
- Circulator circuit n°1
- Control panel
- Reinforced insulation jacket

V: Airtight fireplace for connection to a chimney or to a horizontal, vertical or separate flue.
D: Duotherm device for direct supply of 2 heating circuits at different temperatures.
F: Fuel oil
F30 : Bio-fuel F30

Domestic hot water :

C: Heating only
B : Heating and production of domestic hot water by 90 litre (B90) or 150 litre (B150) stainless steel tank.


Bio-fuel F30 : 

Designation kW DHW RTE3 Etas
OptiCondens 24 C-F30VD 24 / o 91,0
OptiCondens 32 C-F30VD 32 / o 93,2
OptiCondens 24 B90-F30VD 24 90 litres stainless steel o 91,0
OptiCondens 24 B150-F30VD 24 150 litres stainless steel o 91,0
OptiCondens 32 B150-F30VD 32 150 litres stainless steel o 93,2



Standard oil fuel : 


Designation kW DHW RTE3 Etas
OptiCondens 24 C-FVD 24 / o 91,0
OptiCondens 32 C-FVD 32 / o 93,2
OptiCondens 24 B90-FVD 24 90 litres stainless steel o 91,0
OptiCondens 24 B150-FVD 24 150 litres stainless steel o 91,0
OptiCondens 32 B150-FVD 32 150 litres stainless steel o 93,2


o : optional equipment 




Price examples

OptiCondens 24 C-F30VD

OptiCondens 24 C-F30VD

Biofuel condensing boiler with a power of 24 kW
Boiler with 2 heating circuits at different temperatures (underfloor heating + radiators)
Factory fitted equipment: boiler body, 904L stainless steel condenser, burner, circuit n°1 heating pump, control panel, reinforced insulation jacket.
Price excluding tax

5.350,00 € HT

Why choose oil ?

Oil is easy to store and available everywhere. Moreover, it is a very powerful fuel (10 kWh per liter)

Oil has greatly changed in order to reduce its environmental impact. The oil condensing boiler technology allows to reduce energy consumption significantly (Up to 30% compared to a traditional boiler). Its level of sulphur has been divided by 6 in the last 40 years.

Oil boilers may be twinned with renewable fuels such as biomass or solar powered system.

Manufacturer requirements

  • Chimney installations and Ventilation should conform to requirements of the Building Regulations and any approved local laws and all subsequent standards referred to.

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